Santa Clarita Organization for Planning and the Environment (SCOPE)

Now celebrating 29 years of community service to the Santa Clarita Valley

Surrounded by oak –studded hills and home to many endangered species as well as Los Angeles County’s last free-flowing river, the Santa Clara, the Santa Clarita Valley is one of the last remaining islands of natural beauty in a sea of urban sprawl. But the valley faces many issues from unrestrained growth to traffic, air and water pollution and reduction of open space. Planning approvals that have permitted building in the floodplain of the Santa Clara River have resulted in levees that may increase down stream flooding as well as the loss of the benefits attributed to flood plain protection, including better stormwater management, ground water recharge, recreation and habitat protection.

SCOPE is an all-volunteer California non-profit founded in 1987 by a group of residents interested in ensuring a high quality of life for our community.

Our mission is to “promote, protect and preserve the ecology and quality of life in the Santa Clarita Valley”.

We can only reach this goal with the help of the community and its involvement in the planning process.  To that end we seek to encourage civic involvement in planning, government transparency and environmental issues through out reach and educational activities.

Our stated goals also include taking action to protect our local environment and quality of life.  Such actions may include promoting ordinances or legislation of local interest (to the extent and within the parameters allowed of a non-profit group) and public interest litigation.

We encourage you to attend our next meeting and welcome your interest!