3When the Northbridge neighborhood found out that ATT planned a huge cellular tower close to Helmer’s Elementary, they didn’t give up – they organized!
Instead of working with the neighborhood to find an alternative location, corporate giant ATT ignored the community, citing the 1996 Federal Communications Act that they and other telecommunication corporations helped muscle through Congress. Apparently, residents and neighbors aren’t supposed to be worried about their children and neighborhood, according to ATT who said in their letter to the City Council “Indeed, the appellant (i.e., the Northbridge Community) and other classroom 3opponents who raise this issue do so in the context of the Proposed Facility’s proximity to a school, a park,and residences. As explained above, the Council is specifically precluded from considering any alleged health or environmental effects of RF emissions, including where, as here, those concerns are raised through the proxy of property values and aesthetics.”

Link to City Council Agenda Item

See What the Community Has to Say!:   Packet%20for%20City%20Council%204-28-14